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KIHTO Healthcare: Bringing Healthcare Home

Hiring equipment from KIHTO Healthcare can be a short-term or long-term solution. Hire is available from one week; you simply decide the length of hire required. The longer the hire term, the lower the weekly rate. You can also hire a product before deciding if you wish to purchase.

Why Hire from KIHTO Healthcare?

Hiring disability equipment is a convenient solution when you have not had the opportunity to assess fully your needs and be able to appreciate the benefits from a particular piece of equipment. Hiring will give you the flexibility to evaluate an equipment’s features and benefits.

Short Term Hire

Short Term Hire, for a few weeks, may well for for recuperation following on from surgery (examples include but not limited to; following on from a c-section, hysterectomy or shoulder/ hip replacements).  We also can offer equipment hire whilst going on holiday. We frequently hear from our clients who have specialist beds at home that when on holiday they are unable to sleep or rest without the appropirate equipment solutions. Let us bring these to you! (We can deliver throughout the UK, delivery cost subject to location).

Long Term Hire

Longer Term Hire might be required where there are budget constraints; or equipment delays due to funding approval. It could also be a practical solution to ease bed blocking and discharging a client out of hospital. With the correct piece of equipment, a patient can safe come home and be with their family and support networks.  Hiring from KIHTO Healthcare can also enable palliative care at home. 

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