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KIHTO Healthcare: Bringing Healthcare Home

KIHTO Healthcare provides flexible hiring solutions for our equipment, offering both short-term and long-term options. Hire is available for varying durations, starting from one week. Customers have the flexibility to decide the length of hire that best suits their needs. The longer the hire terms, the lower the weekly rate. This provides customers with cost-effective options based on the duration of their requirements. KIHTO Healthcare also offers the option to hire a product before deciding to make a purchase. By offering these flexible hiring solution, KIHTO Healthcare aims to make it convenient for customers to access the equipment they need.

Why hire from KIHTO Healthcare?

Hiring disability equipment from KIHTO Healthcare is presented as a convenient solution, especially when individuals or organisations have not had the chance to fully assess their needs or appreciate the benefits of a specific piece of equipment. By opting for hiring, customers gain the flexibility to evaluate the features and benefits of the equipment before making a more permanent decision, such as a purchase. This allows for informed choices based on first-hand experience with the equipment.

Short-Term Hire

KIHTO Healthcare offers Short-Term Hire solutions, suitable for individuals who need equipment for a few weeks, especially during recuperation following surgery. Examples of situations where short-term hire may be beneficial include post-surgery recovery from procedures such as c-section, hysterectomy or shoulder/hip replacements. Additionally, KIHTO Healthcare acknowledges the challenges individuals face when travelling and offers equipment hire solutions for holidays. Delivery is available throughout the UK, with delivery costs subject to location.

Long-Term Hire

Longer term hire is a practical solution in cases where there are budget constraints or delays in equipment acquisition due to funding approval. It can also play a crucial role in easing bed blocking, allowing patients to be discharged from the hospital and safely return home. Additionally, KIHTO Healthcare hire services facilitate palliative care at home, offering the necessary equipment to ensure comfort and support for individuals receiving end-of-life care.

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