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One of the most important aspects in maintaining a healthy lifestyle is having enough sleep. There are many factors that can negatively affect a person’s ability to sleep; this includes breathing problems, muscle irregularities and pressure sores. These issues are often unable to be resolved when using a standard bed or without any assistance; this leaves people uncomfortable and sleep-deprived or largely dependent on others to get to sleep. Centrobed provide a range of products that accommodate each of these potential issues helping people get a better night’s sleep.

One of the common issues that can prevent someone being able to sleep is breathing difficulties. This could be from blocked sinuses, shallow breath, chest infections and is linked to a range of different conditions. Being unable to breath regularly makes it difficult for someone to not only go to sleep but stay asleep often needing overnight care to ensure they are in a safe position to inhale and exhale air. The Arctic turning bed is one of our most versatile beds with a large number of turning and profiling movements available. The Arctic is bespoke ensuring it will fit each individual’s specific requirements and provide effective profiling and be a comfortable fit. By using the Arctic people can be turned and repositioned in numerous different ways catered to their own needs to help them be comfort and encourage regular breathing. When it comes to certain conditions, there is no single static position that can help a person sleep throughout the night; in these cases a person needs regular movement throughout the night to clear blockages and sinuses that would be quickly blocked up.

For anyone who cannot sleep flat whether this is because of breathing difficulties or back pain, a profiling bed can be seen as too costly or complex to set up when all the clients might need is an angle of elevation. The Ultimate Pillow Lifter is a low maintenance affordable alternative to profiling beds. The Ultimate is easy to set up and fit securely onto bed and simple to use with an easy to understand handset to help the client determine the right angle for them. This versatile product can be used on or under the mattress allowing the client to figure out what set up works best for them. The Ultimate works in virtual silence meaning anyone sleeping next to the client or nearby will not be woken up or disturbed.

Another regular problem people face that stops them from going to sleep is having pressure sores or ulcers on their body; these can be caused from a lack of mobility meaning that the distribution of weight and by extension amount of pressure on areas of the body is maintained for a significant period. One of the biggest issues that arise with tissue viability is that they can further discourage movement for the person; the sensitivity of pressure sores and ulcers can make it especially painful for someone to move and turn when there is any level of friction occurring in that area of the body. For help with pressure ulcers and tissue viability, the Timor chair bed is made bespoke for comfort and effective profiling and movement. By using the Timor, people who are largely restricted when it comes to independent movement can remain mobile transitioning from a profiling bed to a chair to standing up. It is through helping people stay mobile that the Timor can help reduce pressure sores and prevent them from arising in the future.

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