Carers Rights Day

November 21st is Carers Rights Day. The focus of this day is to promote and help give support to both new and experienced carers and increase the general understanding of the needs of carers. Around 6000 people become carers in the UK every day which is why it is so important that carers are given a good level of support and foundation of knowledge. When people become carers, several aspects of their lives can go through drastic changes, their social lives, their jobs, their money and their own general physical and mental wellbeing. By holding events such as Carers Rights Day, the goal is to help make the lives of carers a bit more manageable and possible help them gain some freedom in their lives while still fulfilling their responsibilities as a carer.

KIHTO have several products available for hire designed to help with everyday carer tasks such as manual handling, transferring in and out of bed and help people find comfort and go to sleep, improving the standard of care and making the lives of carers more manageable.

The Arctic turning bed can significantly reduce a carer’s difficulty in performing various tasks. The Arctic one of the most versatile products available with a range of turning and profiling options available. The bespoke Arctic is suitable for multiple conditions including Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy and Motor Neurone Disease, ensuring for the best care possible. Carers have a reduced need for manual handling, the Arctic repositions the client for them through the use of the simple handsets, allowing the patient or carer themselves to reposition the patient with a few button presses. Another notable feature of the Arctic is its automated turning; the Arctic can be programmed to gradually turn the client side to side overnight without any extra assistance meaning both the carer and client will have a more comfortable better night’s sleep.

For carers who need to stay with their patients who are heavily dependent on them throughout day and night, the Timor chair bed can provide a solution for both. The multifunctional Timor is bespoke to client’s measurements and complex needs meaning it can work as an effective chair, bed and hoist, allowing transitions between lying down, to sitting up to finally standing up smoothly and comfortably as possible. The Timor will promote and help improve a client’s active independence and reduce the risk of injury for carers by eliminating the need for manual handling.

Trying to help a patient out of bed manually can cause strain and put both the carer and patient at risk. For patients who have trouble with using their legs or other parts of their body, trying to get into bed can be an irritating, painful experience that is made less dignified by needing assistance of others. For carers, they put their own bodies at risk of strain or injury by needing to consistently help and manually handle patients to ensure they are safely in or out of bed. The Nile resolves all of these issues by smoothly lifting a patient’s legs into or out of bed silently and at the touch of the button, without any manual handling needed, improving patient comfort and independence and making it easier for carers to provide effective care.

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