Carers Week 2024 takes place from Monday, 10th June until Sunday, 16th June 2024.

The week aims to raise awareness of caring, highlight the challenges family and friend carers face, and acknowledge the huge contribution carers make.

The theme this year is ‘Looking after you.’ At Kihto, we know how hard carers work, and we want to make caring as easy as possible for them. We take pride in our bespoke medical beds and equipment, which not only support our clients but also make caring simpler and easier for hardworking carers.

Kihto has a wide range of products that help carers attend to and treat patients while reducing their chance of injury or strain. By using our products, Kihto provides both patients and carers with comfort and a better quality of life. To improve the lives of carers and clients, Kihto offers products that assist with key daily tasks such as manual handling, transferring in and out of bed, and helping people find comfort and sleep.

Auto Box
Say goodbye to constant waking night calls with the Auto Box! This innovative solution offers carers the convenience of three pre-programmed timings, providing the flexibility to select turning intervals that suit individual needs. For hands-free overnight care and significantly reduced manual handling, the Auto Box is the way to go! If standard sleeping patterns do not meet specific requirements, bespoke programs can be created. Once a program is selected, the Auto Box can be configured to turn the client at the desired intervals seamlessly and without assistance. This technology ensures uninterrupted sleep for both the caregiver and the client, enhancing the quality of care and comfort throughout the night.

Don’t risk injuring yourself lifting patients’ legs into bed; instead, use the Mawson Leg Lifter for easy and safe transitions in and out of bed. The Mawson Electric Leg Lifter revolutionizes patient care by providing a safe and efficient solution for lifting patients’ legs into bed, thereby preventing caregiver injuries. This innovative device is designed for ease of use, enhancing mobility for patients while streamlining the tasks of caregivers in care homes and nursing facilities. Its mobile design, equipped with secure, braked wheels, ensures stability during transfers, making the process quick and straightforward. With a weight capacity of up to 25 stone (158 kilograms) and an available bariatric version supporting up to 50 stone (317 kilograms), the Mawson accommodates a wide range of patients. The electric system operates quietly and smoothly, while intuitive controls allow precise adjustments, ensuring patient comfort and caregiver convenience. The compact yet robust construction of the Mawson ensures it fits easily within care settings without occupying excessive space. By enhancing safety, comfort, and efficiency, the Mawson Electric Leg Lifter sets a new standard in patient care, safeguarding both patients and caregivers from injury and facilitating smoother, more confident transitions in and out of bed.

Turning Beds
Kihto’s turning beds significantly alleviate the physical strain on carers by simplifying manual handling tasks. These innovative beds revolutionize care with their multi-functional capabilities, allowing for single-handed care and hands-free turning through an automatic feature. Throughout the night, the bed gently turns the individual from side to side, reducing the need for frequent manual adjustments. The bed also adjusts to the person’s height, ensuring precise profiling for optimal comfort. This enhances the client’s well-being and allows carers to maintain their own health, reducing the risk of injury associated with physical strain. Engineered to meet complex needs, this multi-positional bed facilitates effortless single-handed care. Its frame configuration enables users to sit and turn simultaneously, allowing for an infinite array of positional changes crucial for pressure relief, comfort, and effective manual handling.

High Low
Kihto’s bespoke beds are designed with multiple features to facilitate caregiving, prominently including the high/low feature. This innovative function allows carers to effortlessly adjust the bed to the optimal height, significantly reducing the physical strain associated with bending and lifting. By raising or lowering the bed as needed, carers can ensure easier access and more comfortable care for both themselves and the individuals they assist. This adjustment capability not only enhances efficiency but also promotes better ergonomics, helping to prevent back injuries and maintain a healthier working posture.

Tungsten Elite
The Kihto Tungsten Elite bed is an invaluable asset for carers, combining robust construction and advanced functionality to ensure a secure and supportive environment for both patients and caregivers. Its full profiling capabilities allow for precise adjustments, enhancing postural management and comfort, while its impressive weight capacity of up to 80 stone makes it ideal for bariatric clients. The Tungsten Elite’s stable design significantly reduces the risk of injury during transfers and care tasks, safeguarding both patient and carer. Customizable in length and width, it can be tailored to individual needs, and its optional Auto Turning Box feature facilitates hands-free patient turning, minimizing the risk of soft tissue injuries. The bed’s larger surface area provides ample space and support, and with six retractable wheels, it offers versatility and ease of storage. The Tungsten Elite truly takes on the heavy work, allowing carers to focus on providing compassionate and effective care.

In conclusion, during Carers Week 2024, Kihto stands in solidarity with caregivers, offering innovative solutions to ease their burdens. From uninterrupted sleep with the Auto Box to smooth transitions with the Mawson Electric Leg Lifter, and reduced strain with Turning Beds, our products prioritize both carer and client well-being. As we honour the dedication of carers, let’s ensure they have the support they need to continue their essential work with compassion and efficiency.

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