Child Health Day 2019

October 7th is Child Health Day, the purpose of today is it to increase people’s knowledge and understanding of child safety and how to prepare a secure and protected environment to minimize the chance of any danger for children. This includes having a good level of awareness on how to appropriately treat children who have complex conditions that significantly impact their lives on a daily basis. By having this level of knowledge and taking the necessary steps, the lives of not just the children, but the parents and the whole family can greatly improve in the long-term.

KIHTO have a range of bespoke paediatric cots and beds available for short or long-term hire that help ensure the safety of children when using a bed, accommodating a large number of different individual needs and complex conditions.

The Quoddy bed is suitable for children at various stages of development. This paediatric bed has all the features expected of a standard profiling bed: a backrest and kneebreak along with a high/low feature controlled by a simple handset and the unique feature of expandable lengths. The profiling options available help reduce the risk of injury or strain for parents or carers by repositioning the child with a few straightforward button presses. The length of the Quoddy starts at 60” and then expands to 66” with a final length of 72” allowing the bed to always be a suitable and comfortable fit for children as they grow. This bed is bespoke and designed to ensure there are no gaps to prevent any risk of entrapment for the child. The Quoddy is a paediatric bed that is suitable from toddler to teen accommodating a variety of complex needs and providing a good night’s sleep.

For parents or carers with back pain or injury who need to attend to and care for their baby consistently, the Scotia provides them with easy access. The Scotia cot can raise and lower its mattress with its simple handset controls allowing the parent to bring their baby up to them without needing to bend or stretch their body in awkward positions that could cause or exacerbate already existing back issues. The Scotia has the option to have kneebreak profiling and mesh panels to prevent children from harming themselves or getting stuck in the cot’s bars.

The Arctic turning bed has a large number of profiling and turning options making it one of the most multifunctional beds available, suitable in treating a variety of different conditions and illnesses. Two of the most distinct features available to the Arctic are its independent leg profiling and automated turning. Parents and carers will no longer have to wake up several times overnight to attend to and reposition their children; the Arctic can be programmed to go through a turning system catered specifically to each individual and their needs overnight, giving the child and the parents a better sleep and quality of life.

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