National Stroke Week

September 12th – 18th is National Stroke week; the primary focus of this week is to increase the general awareness of stroke and how it affects people’s lives. A person suffers from a stroke when the blood supply to their brain is restricted. If the brain is left without oxygen and other important nutrients that the blood provides for a significant length of time this can lead to severe negative repercussions to a person’s physical and mental health. The most common lasting effects of someone who suffers from a stroke are permanent brain damage and paralysis on one side.  Living with paralysis or severe limitations in mobility makes performing simple everyday actions significantly more difficult, such as repositioning or getting in and out of bed. These restrictions often mean that people who have been affected by a stroke would have to rely on the help of carers to get in and out of bed or find enough comfort to go to sleep.

KIHTO can provide specialist turning and profiling beds and leg lifters for long-term or short-term hire, designed to help people with mobility limitations find some level of independence.

For a wide range of profiling and turning movements, the Arctic bed can significantly reduce or outright eliminate the need for manual handling when using a bed. The Arctic is a multifunctional bespoke bed that facilitates a more comfortable sleep and better care for several conditions, including people who have suffered a stroke. With all of its turning and profiling movements being operated by a straightforward handset, the bed user can turn and reposition themselves with ease. This is especially helpful for people who have limited movement and paralysis in the body. By using the handset and the individual leg movements, the client can use the Arctic to turn and reposition each side of their body into a comfortable position without needing the help of carers, reducing the need for manual handling and the risk of injury that comes with it.

The Nile leg lifter helps people get in and out of bed without any extra help from carers required. This electrically powered leg lifter is height adjustable, comes with universal fittings and has bespoke sizes available. The Nile being bespoke means that clients will not have to compromise when it comes to finding a leg lifter that matches their own needs and works in conjunction with their bed. A bariatric version is available with a 50 stone weight limit. When in use, the Nile transfers a person’s legs in virtual silence, leaving the people nearby undisturbed. For people who have struggled to get their legs into bed since experiencing a stroke, the Nile can smoothly transfer their legs without stress or discomfort.

The Ionian has the same functions as a standard profiling bed with the distinct feature of transitioning from a standard flat position to a vertical 90 degrees position. This bespoke bed specialises in assisting people who are unable to sit up or bend when getting in or out of bed. One of the most common symptoms for people who experience stroke is difficulty in maintaining balance, making it difficult to walk or stand up. For people who cannot stand up out of bed without assistance, the Ionian is able to help the bed user regain independence. At the simple touch of a button from the handset, the Ionian will safely take someone resting flat in the bed to a standing position in a smooth and comfortable motion, helping people who have suffered from strokes maintain a healthy level of dignity and personal freedom when using their bed.


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