Why choose us this Summer Holiday? Short term hire solutions

As we reach the summer break, more and more people are thinking or planning a trip away from home. Going on holiday should be a time where friends and families can relax and spend some quality time together, away from the stress and problems of everyday life. This can be challenging for people with complex needs who need to rely on specialist equipment such as profiling beds at their home, going on holiday would threaten their health and overall wellbeing. By lacking the necessary preparation for their condition, this person may be unable to go away or is willing to put their health at risk, neither option is ideal.

KIHTO is able to provide a straightforward solution to this problem with a range of products that people can hire on a short or long-term basis. This means that regardless of whether families or friends want to go away for a month or only 2 weeks, KIHTO will be able to accommodate their complex needs with a range of beds, cots and other equipment available to hire.

For parents that have difficulties reaching their babies who may still require a high level of care, the Scotia cot while being a fully profiling bed also has a high/low lift giving parents easy access to their children and facilitating care while the child is still asleep. The Quoddy is a profiling bed designed to fit and grow with the child. The Quoddy has kneebreak and backrest profiling in the correct place and with zero gaps so there is a minimal chance of entrapment. The Quoddy has 3 different lengths available to ensure that the child can comfortably fit in their bed and can be customized with a wide range of fun themes and colours available. Parents can hire the Scotia or Quoddy for their summer break to give themselves one less thing to worry about when planning their holiday.

When it comes to those who have trouble with mobility or transferring in or out of bed, this can pose another problem; without the help of carers or other specialist equipment such as a hoist, bed transfers could become a significant struggle when away from home. KIHTO have a range of products available for hire that can help accommodate these needs as well. The Ionian Standing bed securely and comfortably take someone from a horizontal position to a vertical 90 degrees, standing the person up. The Timor acts effectively as 3 different products: chair, hoist and bed, eliminating the need for extra equipment or space required. The sliding seat of the Timor lets the person’s legs go down with little difficulty whilst supporting the back of the legs and spine. The strong Tungsten bed supports up to 80 stone, is designed for stability, and takes into consideration unpredictable excess flesh movement and weight distribution. All of these beds’ movement and profiling options are operated with an easy to understand handset, reducing the need for moving and handling and giving the person greater independence when using the bed and an overall more comfortable experience.

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