Why Hire From KIHTO Healthcare?

You can now hire almost anything, from portable equipment like leg lifters, pillow lifters to specialist beds, chairs and mattresses, helping to assist in solving short or long term needs. The products you can hire will suit any age from paediatric, bariatric/plus size to old age. No matter what situation you find your client in there is generally a product you can hire.

Hiring new equipment is a solution in a situation where you have not had the opportunity to use or assess its benefits because it is not  available for prescribing. Hiring will give you the flexibility enabling you to evaluate this piece of equipment’s features and benefits for a client and also for future use.

Cost saving is always at the forefront of everyone’s mind, hiring equipment can be short term alternative to purchasing. Whilst purchasing has significant measurable short term recovery to outlay, hiring none the less has its place for short term end of life and many other caring situations.  Hiring equipment can also solve long and short term complex needs. Confidence in a product for professional, client and carer is of primary concern. How often do you purchase a piece of equipment that is never used. We will always do a joint visit, if required to help with assessing the correct equipment prior to hiring or purchase.

With equipment regularly needed in an emergency situation and you may be unable to access this equipment in time, hiring short or long term is an option that could be explored.

Hiring is ideal for:

  • Situations where there are budget constraints
  • Assessment before purchase
  • Interim care
  • Holiday hire
  • Hospital emergency discharge
  • Emergency care when equipment broken
  • New to the market equipment
  • End of life care

Expensive purchases that can ultimately improve a complex care needs and where proof is needed to support your assessment, can be resolved with hiring – a cost effective solution.

Clients with disabilities who want to go on holiday but the bed they need is not available where they are going, are not always aware that they can hire. Again enabling improved quality of life.

With the ever increasing need for specialist bariatric and plus size equipment Kihto Healthcare are able to offer a specialist bariatric/plus size bed taking up to 80 stone (500kilos) in weight also a Timor bed chair that can enable independence. Both will help in reducing carer cost.

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