World Sleep Day

World Sleep Day is an annual event, intended to be a celebration of sleep and a call to action on important issues related to sleep.

Here at Centrobed we fully understand the importance of a goods night sleep, and our aim is to make quality sleep accessible to everyone. Our bespoke products enable users to have safe, easy access both in and out of bed, adjustable positioning to ensure optimal comfort and safety and a plethora of features that can be tailored to individual needs.

How our beds can help:

Our beds are fully bespoke and tailored to each individuals’ requirements, which means we can accommodate even the most complex needs. Below is a list of just some of the ways our beds can help:

  • Multi positional, multi-functional beds
  • Enables single handed care
  • Automatic, programmable Auto Box available as optional extra
  • Beds that can turn, profile and have independent leg movements
  • Position can be adjusted to help with breathing and coughing, resulting in reduced respiratory infections
  • Promotes dignity and independence

As a parent, the opportunity to obtain a good night’s sleep is dependent on your child or infant sleeping well, to thus enable parents to rest also. Sleep and mood are very closely related, and mounting evidence suggests that the fewer hours sleep you get, the more likely you are to have a mood disorder. We have developed a range of Cots to ensure that both children and parents alike are able to obtain quality sleep.

Freddie is a 5-year-old boy born with Angelman syndrome. Angelman syndrome is a genetic disorder affecting the person’s central nervous system leading to severe physical and mental disabilities. Regular symptoms for this disorder include a smaller head size, regularly occurring seizures caused by Epilepsy and being more hyperactive and excitable than usual. This hyperactivity and easily excitable nature for Freddie makes it difficult for him to sleep in a standard bed or cot leading to abnormal sleep patterns and putting him at increased risk of injury. This sleep disorder negatively affects Freddie’s body leading to further issues such as involuntary urination at night, excessive tiredness during the day and breathing difficulties. This also creates issues for Freddie’s family who have their own sleep affected, having to care for Freddie at different intervals during the night.

Thanks to our Flores Cot, Freddie and his family were able to ease several of his key sleep related issues. The Flores Cot provided Freddie with a safe, secure sleeping environment, which means that his family have the peace of mind enabling them all to have a vastly improved quality of sleep.

Freddie’s mother states: “I just wanted to say that the Flores has made such a difference to all of our lives. It enables us to all sleep better at night now we know he is safe and secure.”

The Flores Cot is a profiling bed with a high sided wooden surround designed to reduce the risk of injury to Freddie.  The Flores can be made with a person’s specific measurements in mind with the option to have a bespoke width and height ensuring children such as Freddie are given a Flores Cot that will fit them perfectly. The Flores is designed with its fully profiling features and secure wooden surround to encourage and improve a child’s sleeping patterns. The fully profiling options along with its high/low function make it much easier for his mother to access him without bending down and putting strain on her spine.  “We can adjust the height to make him comfortable and this makes changing him much easier. The mattress is wipe clean, which is perfect for any accidents he has.”

Another feature of the Flores is its Makrolon windows which give Freddie and his mother two key benefits. The first benefit is allowing Freddie to have visual reassurance, making the cot feel less restrictive. In addition, his mother can now be more relaxed knowing Freddie is not at risk of injury in his cot: “With the clear windows I can put him in there while I’m doing chores, he can play with his toys and I know he is safe and happy while I get on.”

The Flores Cot which did not only have a huge positive impact on Freddie, but on his entire family, giving them all a better night’s sleep. “I cannot fault this bed, I love it and it has made such a huge difference for us all. Thank you for everything.”

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