Arabian Bandaging Stool

Product Code: ARAB

Clinic – Community – Care Home

The Arabian stool is crafted for use by nurses and care staff who attend to clients requiring dressings or bandages along the full length or part of their leg. This stool facilitates lifting one leg at a time using one or both of its two horizontal actuator-driven pads, enabling easy access around the entire circumference of the limb.

Community nurses and other healthcare professionals often encounter challenges when cleaning, dressing, or bandaging the leg. Legs may be heavy due to conditions like Lymphoedema, making it difficult to support and clean them before bandaging. Typically, this process requires the assistance of two nurses. The bandaging procedure involves up to four layers, with prior cleaning of the leg necessary. Supporting a swollen or infected leg can also be challenging, as the patient may require elevation for up to an hour. The Arabian stool’s horizontal pads allow for movement and support of the leg to different positions during treatment.

Given the regular need for bandaging, the Arabian stool is designed to reduce the requirement from two nurses to one, effectively addressing manual handling concerns and resulting in significant time and cost savings.


Key Features

  • Designed for Medical Professionals
  • Facilitates Leg Dressing & Bandaging
  • Streamlined Banadaging Process
  • Support for Swollen or Infected Legs
  • Reduces Staffing Needs
  • Versatile Use

Hire Costs

Hire per Week Delivery Collection
£65.00 £35.00 £50.00
Minimum hire period of 4 weeks.


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      Cost of bed

      In hospital cost


      Without bed

      Cost per day (£)180.00 Cost per year (£)65,700.00

      With bed

      Cost per day (£)90.00 Cost per year (£)32,850.00

      Calculation Results

      Saving year 1: £32,850.00
      Saving year 2: £32,850.00
      Saving year 3: £32,850.00
      One bed can save you over 3 years** £92,550.00

      This saving will fund 15 Beds **

      Producing a saving over 3 years of: £1,427,583.75

      This could then fund 238 Beds

      Producing a saving year 4 - 6 of: £22,020,479.34