Bedside Rails

KIHTO Healthcare offers a range of chrome-effect bed rails designed to be attached to our beds.

These bed rails come with the following features:

  1. Chrome Effect: the bed rails have a chrome finish, providing an aesthetic appeal.
  2. Fully Collapsible: the bed rails are designed to be fully collapsible, offering flexibility in use.
  3. Variety of Sizes: includes standard and extended height and length, to cater to different bed configurations and user needs.

In addition to chrome-effect rails, KIHTO Healthcare provides bespoke options for wooden bed sides.

These options include:

  1. Wooden Bed Sides: customisable and can be tailored to specific requirements.
  2. Doors: bed sides with doors, adding functionality and convenience.
  3. Macrolon Panels: durable and transparent material, often used in medical equipment.
  4. Hinged Fold Down Sides: easy access and manoeuvrability.

Customers can request these bespoke options based on their preferences and specific needs. For detailed information and to place orders for these accessories, individuals are encouraged to contact KIHTO Healthcare directly.


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      Cost of bed

      In hospital cost


      Without bed

      Cost per day (£)180.00 Cost per year (£)65,700.00

      With bed

      Cost per day (£)90.00 Cost per year (£)32,850.00

      Calculation Results

      Saving year 1: £32,850.00
      Saving year 2: £32,850.00
      Saving year 3: £32,850.00
      One bed can save you over 3 years** £92,550.00

      This saving will fund 15 Beds **

      Producing a saving over 3 years of: £1,427,583.75

      This could then fund 238 Beds

      Producing a saving year 4 - 6 of: £22,020,479.34