Scotia Paediatric Cot

Product Code: SCO

When a baby still requires a significant level of care after leaving the hospital, the Scotia cot facilitates closer parental care and focus on the baby without needing to wake the baby up or potentially injure the parent when attempting to lift their child up. The Scotia cot with its high/low and head raising movements is suitable for children with breathing problems.

Product Details

When going to pick up their child from a regular cot, parents are often at risk to straining or injuring their back. The Scotia is able to overcome this issue by raising the child up to the top of the cot making it a lot simpler for the parent to reach and take care of their child, minimizing any risk of injury. In the case of any parent who already has physical issues such as in their back, the Scotia’s lift will ensure that those issues are not exacerbated. The appearance of the Scotia cot can be chosen from a large variety of cots making sure you can pick the best option for your room. The Scotia gives children a better quality of sleep and comfort while giving parents easy access to interact and care for their child. The cot can be fitted with wheels to decrease any difficulty someone might experience when moving the cot. The Scotia also comes with several optional extras to further improve the safety and comfort of the child including an anti-entrapment panel, mesh sides, Kneebreak and an option for the Scotia to be fully profiling.

The attractive design of the Scotia cot would fit perfectly within a typical nursery environment. The Scotia cot is specialised to help children lead as normal a life as possible, bringing them in from hospital into a safe and secure sleeping environment. When the Scotia is at its lowest position, the cot looks no different from any other within a nursery environment, taking care of a child’s particular needs as well as further promoting an ordinary lifestyle. The size of the Scotia should not be an issue for most parents, as the cot is a suitable enough size to fit into a small bedroom with parents.



32" (81 cm)


5'0 (152 cm)

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