Timor Chair Bed

Product Code: TIMR

The Timor acts as 3 different products: chair, hoist and bed, fulfilling each of those roles effectively. The Timor comfortably takes the client from a laying position to a sitting position, reducing the risk of injury for carers and clients.

Product Details

The Timor chair-bed can help to reduce one of the most common issues that people with particular physical conditions face in everyday life: lifting our legs into bed. Kihto Healthcare realises the difficulties which carers and nurses face when assisting a client’s legs into bed it is one of the most physically-demanding and repetitive tasks that a carer or nurse has to perform on a regular basis. The carer assisting the client puts themselves at risk of harm or injury when performing the task needing to stoop low and awkwardly position their body to assist the client up. These problems which the carer and client face can be drastically improved by the Timor which alleviates a person’s need for assistance when getting in and out of bed.

The Timor can be used as a typical standard chair maintaining a high level of comfort. Using and accessing the Timor’s function is simple with an easy to use and straightforward handset. The Timor can go from a chair into a bed at the simple touch of a button causing the Timor to raise its legs and lower its back, transitioning into a bed. When sitting down, the user will encounter no problems when trying to exit the chair, the Timor has a raiser function installed that assists the user from a sitting position to stand with little effort needed. The Timor can also come with the function to elevate the legs from its bed position if necessary.

The Timor is not only designed for Bariatric care but research has shown that this bed-chair can also help those suffering with multiple sclerosis, stroke and Parkinson’s disease. To meet the varying tissue viability needs the Timor is available with a choice of highly sophisticated pressure relieving mattresses.

In today’s economic climate with hospitals and facilities which have a reduced or single handed care, the Timor Bed-chair is an essential piece of equipment as, facilitating a person’s freedom and independence and acting as an effective chair and bed it can also replace the need and cost for a hoist and the carers to operate it.

As with all Kihto Healthcare products, the Timor is compatible with most environmental control systems. Suitable for plus sized, bariatric or excessively tall people, Kihto’s beds are made with ergonomics at the forefront and can be designed to fit the individual person,  with a safe working load of over 60 stones (381 kilos)




30" (76 cm), 36" (91cm), 42" (107cm), 48" (123cm), 54" (137cm)



Max Weight

25 st (159 kg)


Movement Options

, ,


, , , , ,

To everyone involved in the designing of my TimorChair Bed, I thank you from the bottom of my heart this has meant I can go to bed for the first time in 2 years!!! LUXURY!

Mrs Smith

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