Tungsten Bariatric ’80 stone’ Bed

Product Code: TUNG

The Tungsten bed is strong and durable, accommodating up to 80 stone. With wheels that can be retracted, there is no risk of rocking; the stable Tungsten can resolve issues carers can face when moving and handling bariatric clients. The Tungsten is appropriate for pressure care and considers unpredictable excess flesh movement that changes weight distribution.

Product Details

The Tungsten is a strong durable bed that accommodates up to 80 stone (508 kilos). This bed is manufactured from strong materials and with its reinforced frame can withstand a gradual increase in weight over time. The Tungsten bed will be able to support and provide safe, effective care for bariatric patients for years after installation.

This bed is designed for complete stability and security. The Tungsten is effective for treating and preventing pressure sores or ulcers. The Tungsten considers varying body shapes and unpredictable excess flesh movement that leads to a change in weight distribution. The bed will still be able to provide support and comfort. This helps reduce pain and the impact pressure sores can have on a person’s comfort and mobility.

A common problem when regularly caring for bariatric clients is the chance of potential strain or injury, particularly when it comes to moving and handling. The Tungsten reduces this risk for carers with 6 wheels which retract allowing for straightforward movement of the bed when it is not in use, as well as secure and safe transfer and treatment of the client when the wheels are retracted. The Tungsten’s profiling options include head up, high/low and knee break. These options can help the patient find comfort, but also increase flexibility for carers, making access for treatment and moving and handling a less strenuous experience.

The Tungsten can be fully bespoke to fit the client’s own physical measurements and requirements with a larger sleeping area as standard. The Tungsten has widths starting from 42” (107cm), going up to 48” (123cm) and 54” (137cm) and a 7’ (213cm) length as standard but can be customized for the client’s requirements. By designing the bed around the needs of the client, the Tungsten can provide a comfortable and better sleeping experience for the client than a standard bariatric bed.

There are several optional extra add-ons to the Tungsten, for added security and protection. This includes head and footboards which can be personalized to the client’s own preferences, bed side rails, bumpers and hoops are also available to provide extra security and assurance when using the bed.



42" (107cm), 48" (123cm), 54" (137cm)


6'0 (183 cm), 6'5 (198 cm), Bespoke

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