Ultimate Pillow Lifter

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The Ultimate Pillow Lifter is low maintenance and economically priced. The Ultimate facilitates independence for the patient, sitting them up without any assistance needed from a carer and staying virtually silent in the process. The Ultimate is versatile in use working effectively either on or under the mattress.


Product Details

The Ultimate Pillow lifter is an easy to use, versatile product that provides effective care and relief at an affordable price. For people who suffer from chest infections, breathing difficulties or more complex needs, using a standard bed can cause great pain and stress. The Ultimate lifts someone from a horizontal position lying down up to an 85 degree vertical angle. By giving an easy means of elevation, the Ultimate can help significantly reduce the pain people can experience in a standard bed. This product works effectively when used either on the mattress or underneath it allowing the client to choose which option they find most comfortable or appropriate.

The Ultimate is beneficial for both client and carer. With a straightforward easy to use handset, the client can lift themselves from their bed with minimal to no assistance required. This gives the client greater independence and freedom when using their bed and fewer limitations, letting the client get up and move when they want without requiring the assistance of someone else.

Carers will benefit from the Ultimate by removing the need for moving and handling the client that could put their bodies under great stress and potential injury. The Ultimate’s lift feature can make the client more accessible for the carer by elevating them to the ideal angle for treatment or repositioning. By greatly reducing the stress and difficulty of care and treatment, the Ultimate can improve the overall health and quality of life for client and carer.

The Ultimate takes into account its surroundings and people who may be resting or sleeping in the nearby vicinity. The Ultimate lifts the client in virtual silence to not wake up or disturb anyone close by. This pillow lifter can be used by the client on one side of a bed while a person can sleep peacefully on the opposite side.

The standard Ultimate has a width of 26” (67cm), length of 48” (122cm) and weight limit of 18 stone (144 kilos). However, bespoke sizes and longer widths and lengths for the Ultimate are available for clients including a bariatric Ultimate that has a weight limit of 25 stone (158 kilos).




Standard – 2'2" (67 cm), Wide – 2'6" (76 cm)

Pillow Size

Extended – 6' (183cm), Short – 2'4" (71cm), Standard – 4' (122cm)

Max Weight

18 st (114 kg)




Movement Options

Angle of Lift

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