KIHTO Healthcare Products

KIHTO Healthcare specialises in providing rental solutions for specialist beds and cots tailored to address diverse medical conditions, ensuring individuals experience a restful night’s sleep and relief from pain associated with debilitating health issues.

The products offered by KIHTO Healthcare are intricately designed with a focus on promoting independence, preserving dignity, and minimizing the financial burden of caregiver fees. The extensive range of functionalities, including turning, profiling, standing, and high/low adjustments, caters to a wide spectrum of needs. While KIHTO Healthcare excels in bespoke, bariatric, and paediatric beds, their knowledgeable staff remain open to discussing alternative support options.

Understanding the unique needs of individuals dealing with conditions such as multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, motor neurone disease, or post-stroke recovery, KIHTO Healthcare offers complimentary demonstrations, assessments, and trials throughout the UK. This proactive approach allows clients to firsthand experience the equipment’s suitability before making a decision.

Specialist adjustable beds provided by KIHTO Healthcare play a pivotal role in alleviating pain associated with various medical conditions. These beds contribute to improved posture, better sleeping positions, and aid in addressing issues like stiff joints, breathing difficulties, and insomnia. Moreover, they facilitate smoother transitions from sitting to standing positions, enhancing overall comfort during bed access.

KIHTO Healthcare recognizes the significance of addressing specific needs and provides a diverse range of add-ons for their products, ensuring customisation to meet individual requirements. Accessories like leg lifters and bed rails further contribute to stability, comfort, and safety.

The dedicated team at KIHTO Healthcare is committed to offering information and assistance, encouraging individuals with questions or inquiries to contact the team at 01233 635353.