Bariatric Services

Challenges grow for companies to produce equipment that assists professionals to deliver dignified care as well as a safe handling and a risk free environment for client and carer. Safe patient handling programmes will always be in place, whether in a hospital environment or in a patients home. Many carers have developed muscle and skeletal injuries over time caused by physical stress and exertion on their bodies when caring for patients whilst lifting or re-positioning. Appropriate steps should be taken to reduce the risk of injury to carers to the lowest level that is reasonably practical.

KIHTO Healthcare manufacture equipment to assist client and carer with day to day care. We bespoke to suit the clients weight – height – and their individual ability and needs. There are numerous risks associated with being overweight including diabetes and strokes.

Plus Size/Bariatric beds are designed to meet the need of the patient and carer by KIHTO Healthcare.

Solutions for Plus Size Care

  • Specific equipment is needed that meets the needs of complex cases and to assist in continuing care
  • Meet the needs of patient and carer
  • Strength of equipment – suitable for community use
  • Restore dignity and empower independence
  • Quality care – right care first time every time
  • Protect and prevent the increased risk of pressure ulcers
  • Reduce the risk of admission to hospital
  • We are individuals our needs are not all the same
  • Safe transfer and movement for the client and carer
  • Individual assessments by trained KIHTO Healthcare staff

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