Bariatric Services

Significant research and development efforts have been dedicated to our Bariatric product line. Given the presence of over 100,000 super obese and 1 million morbidly obese individuals in the UK alone, KIHTO Healthcare offers a range of Bariatric beds and Leg Lifters designed to support and enhance independence within the home.

Special considerations are crucial for Bariatric clients and their caregivers. Addressing scenarios where are caregiver is unwell, a selection of beds has been specifically crafted to meet the growing demand, now accessible for community usage and hire. These products aim to expedite hospital discharge, redistribute weight to help prevent pressure sores and feature essential elements such as locking castors and silent actuator movement. Available in various widths and lengths, our Bariatric beds provide effective solutions to care challenges, often yielding significant positive impacts for both the client and the caregiver.

Every KIHTO Healthcare bed is offered in heavy-duty versions, supporting weights from 35 stone up to 80 stone. Our Bariatric beds are equipped with four motors, ensuring additional reinforcement and stability. It is imperative to use surge protectors with all beds for added safety.

Solutions for Plus Size Care

  • Tailored equipment meets the demands of complex cases and supports ongoing care.
  • Ensuring effective care by addressing the needs of the patient and caregiver.
  • The durability and robustness of the equipment make it well-suited for community use.
  • Promote the restoration of dignity and empower individuals to achieve independence.
  • Consistently provide high-quality and accurate care every time.
  • Safeguard against and proactively prevent the heightened risk of pressure sores.
  • Minimise the likelihood of hospital admission and facilitate timely discharge after treatment.
  • Ensure secure transfer and movement for both the client and the caregiver.
  • Trained KIHTO Healthcare advisors conduct personalised assessments for each individual.

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