Hire KIHTO Healthcare Equipment

Hiring equipment from KIHTO Healthcare offers flexibility for both short-term and long-term needs. The rental duration is customisable, starting from one week. You have the freedom to choose the length of the hire period, with the advantage of lower weekly rates for longer terms. Alternatively, you can opt to hire the product before making a purchase decision.

Why hire with KIHTO Healthcare?

Opting to hire disability equipment provides a straightforward solution in cases where you haven’t had the chance to experience or assess its advantages due to unavailability. Hiring offers the flexibility to thoroughly evaluate the features and benefits of a particular piece of equipment, especially when considering a potential purchase in the future.

Consider hiring in situations with budget constraints, such as when going on holiday and needing equipment for a week or two. Hiring can also address issues like bed blocking, facilitating transition from a hospital stay to being at home with family and support networks, thanks to the appropriate equipment. KIHTO Healthcare offers hire solutions for various scenarios, including hospital emergency discharge, emergency care due to broken equipment, end of life care, or even trying out new equipment in the community.

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