Hire KIHTO Healthcare Equipment

Hiring equipment from KIHTO Healthcare can be a short term or long term solution. Hire can be made available from one week, you can decide the length of hire, the longer the term the lower the weekly rate or you can simply hire the product before you purchase.

Why hire with KIHTO Healthcare?

Hiring disability equipment is a simple solution for a situation where you have not had the opportunity to use or assess its benefits because it is not available. Hiring will give you the flexibility to evaluate a piece of equipment’s features and benefits for a client you might like to purchase in the future.

Hiring could be for situations where there are budget constraints; you could be going away on holiday and you need to hire a piece of equipment for a week or two. It could be the answer to resolve bed blocking and bringing the client out of a hospital stay, with the right piece of equipment they can be able to come home around the family and support networks. Hiring from KIHTO can be for hospital emergency discharge, emergency care for broken equipment or end life care or even trying out some new equipment in your community.

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